Bars and restaurants

baarit ja ravintolat m/s Finlandiabaarit ja ravintolat m/s Finlandia

Relax and enjoy the variety of high quality restaurants and bars onboard MS Finlandia. When combined with versatile entertainment and a wide range of Finnish live music, your voyage is guaranteed to be nice and pleasant. Professional and friendly personnel are serving you at our every restaurant. Your job is to enjoy.

Buffet Eckerö

At Buffet Eckerö, enjoy tasty food made onboard in the ship's kitchen of genuine quality ingredients. A versatile breakfast, lunch and dinner in a pleasant restaurant with sea view are an important part of a successful voyage. Study our Nordic Tastes at the Baltic Sea website.

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Buffet Eckerö's menu changes seven times during the year. Check the menus here.

Bar Naissaar

Bar Naissaar is an elegant place for a glass of sparkling wine or perhaps a specialty coffee with something savoury or sweet to eat. Close by is the PopUp Shop.

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  • Bar Naissaar has the widest selection of wine, sparkling wine and champagne onboard, e.g. Lanson White Demi Sec, Freixenet Cava,  J2 Riesling Trocken, Mud House Sauvignon Blanc, Cotes de Beaune Villages Olivier R75 ja Quinta De Ramozeiros (bottle).

  • Also a variety of salty and sweet delicacies that are served only at Bar Naissaar.

Bar Paja

Chill out for a moment at Bar Paja. Enjoy a snack during your voyage. At the same time take a look at the wide sea view of Gulf of Finland. Nearby is Bar Nosturi where you can, for instance, take a turn at the dance floor. 

Snacks with a sea view

Kotipizza Go -pizza slices are available again from 1st October 2020.

Bistro & Cafeteria Satama

baarit ja ravintolat m/s Finlandia Bar Naissaarbaarit ja ravintolat m/s Finlandia Bar Naissaar

The two storey café has a spectacular panoramic view of the sea. Enjoy for example organic porridge for breakfast, a shrimp sandwich snack, a luscious burger meal or a dinner salad – and of course a cup of coffee or tea with pastry. The Cafeteria has a playground for children.

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  • Vegetarians are also taken into consideration at the Cafeteria.
  • Special dieters can order their delicacies at the cashier, such as gluten free and vegan alternatives. For sweet treats there are among others, vegan buns and gluten free cake.

Bar Nosturi

baarit ja ravintolat m/s Finlandia Bar Nosturibaarit ja ravintolat m/s Finlandia Bar Nosturi

Bar Nosturi has live music every day. Finnish top artists perform on MS Finlandia: popular best selling singers, Finnish schlager artists and cover bands. You can also sit back at Bar Nosturi and enjoy lounge music, such as jazz and Latin rhythms.

Pub Telakka

baarit ja ravintolat m/s Finlandia Pub Telakkabaarit ja ravintolat m/s Finlandia Pub Telakka

Pub Telakka is a relaxed place. Here you can enjoy live music by troubadours or well-known Finnish artists and just take a breath during the cruise.

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  • Pub Telakka offers about 30 different beers from around the world.
  • Our personnel is happy to recommend something for your taste.

Bar Laituri

The most pleasant sun terrace during summer can be found out at sea on MS Finlandia. With over 400 seats, Bar Laituri serves the passengers cold drinks and ice cream. Due to its construction the terrace is sheltered also on windy days. A nice place in the sun.

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At Bar Laituri you can enjoy cold or hot drinks and ice cream. Bar Laituri opens on the dawn of summer, when the weather is favourable.   

Welcome onboard MS Finlandia

m/s Finlandia ravintolat ja baaritm/s Finlandia ravintolat ja baarit

MS Finlandia offers you a broad experience at sea. The delicious servings at restaurants, high class entertainment and quality shopping are all a part of a successful trip at sea. Our personnel welcome you to a cruise at the Gulf of Finland.