Company presentation

Eckerö Line is the only shipping company whose vessel m/s Finlandia operates on the Finnish Gulf from Helsinki to Tallinn and is sailing under Finnish flag. M/s Finlandia departs from Helsinki West Harbour, West Terminal 2. Our business targets both cargo and passenger traffic. 

The company was founded in 1994. We are a diversified service company with a wide range of package tours, retail and restaurant activities, conference and group travel, hotel packages and freight transport. 

The company and operations are Finnish, based on Finnish service and Finnish knowledge. Our professional personnel are covered by Finnish collective agreements and Eckerö Line has been awarded the Key Flag Symbol for service produced in Finland. We participate in the Great Place To Work program and our goal is to be the best workplace on the Baltic Sea. The CEO of Eckerö Line is Taru Keronen.

Eckerö Line m/s FinlandiaEckerö Line m/s Finlandia

Eckerö Line's mission and values

Our mission is to be the most pleasurable ship on the Tallinn route. We have the best service, the most delicious food and the most versatile entertainment on the Baltic Sea. 

Our values are job satisfaction, reliable activity and a forward-looking attitude. We wish the customer to feel unique and welcome and that the customer's travel experience is as easy and smooth as possible. We continuously observe and develop our customer service. In surveys about customer relations indications (Asiakkuusindeksi), Eckerö Line has been the only shipping company among the top ten of Finnish companies, when measuring customer experience. 

  • The starting point of all service planning is that the customer feels unique and welcome. 
  • The service goal is a good and positive experience for the customer as well as an open and pleasant atmosphere among both customers and personnel. 
  • A professional and friendly personnel involved in developing the uniqueness of customer experience. 

Safety is the foundation of all activities

At Eckerö Line all activities are based on security: our safety programs guide both maritime and passenger safety and they have the highest priority in all Eckerö Line operations. We develop our operations and practice regularly both onboard and in cooperation with the authorities.

Eckerö Line key figures (2017)

Personnel 396
Passengers/year 1,85 million
Cars/year 291 000 kpl
Revenue 98 million €