Information for group passengers

Service charge

For an ashore program a service charge 30 € is collected.

Passenger information

If passenger information was not provided when the booking was made, the list of the names of the group members must be submitted to Eckerö Line no later than 14 days before the departure date. The list of names must include the following information on each passenger: last name, first name, nationality, date of birth (ddmmyy), gender. An accommodation list must be provided in the case of a hotel package tour.

If you have group members under 18, please familiarise yourselves with regulations concerning age limits or contact our sales services department.


All passengers must carry a valid passport or official id card valid for travelling.

Tickets and check-in

Group boarding cards are handed out at the group check-in, starting 1½ hours before departure. The cards should be collected no later than 1 hour before departure. They can also be collected on the day before the departure if this is agreed upon in advance. The ticket, voucher or other evidence of payment is presented at check-in. If group members withdraw, the group leader is required to inform the check-in staff and to return the extra boarding cards.

Group Hotel Packages

Hotel rooms are usually available at 2 pm (for groups, at 3 pm). Rooms are required to be vacated at noon on the day of departure.

Boarding for passengers travelling with a bus

For passangers travelling in a group with a bus, boarding pass registration is done at the Eckerö Line check-in counter in terminal A. Boarding is through the terminal. Only the bus driver is allowed to board the ship on the bus.

Check in for groups must be done at least an hour before the departure. Eckerö Line reserves the right to cancel the the booking for the vehicle, if check in has not been done at least an hour before the departure.