Order and shipping terms

Pre-order and delivery terms

These order and payment terms apply to pre-orders from Eckerö Market & Parfymeria placed online through Eckerö Line website.

  1. The pre-order must be sent at the latest 48 h before departure.
  2. A successfully placed pre-order gets an automated reply to submitted email address and an order confirmation when the order is handled. The handling may take a few hours.
  3. The pre-order must be paid at the Eckerö Market cashier marked with a pre-order sign, on the scheduled departure, at the latest 1.5 h before arriving at port.
  4. Pre-orders cannot be claimed or delivered on departures with departure time between 8 PM and 8 AM.
  5. The purchased goods will be delivered to upper car deck (deck 4) about 30 minutes before arriving at port. You will be directed to the side of the loading place, if you have to wait for cars to disembark. Please inform the cashier when paying, if your car is parked on another car deck (decks 3 or 5). Be sure to check your order carefully when delivered at the car deck. We do not do back orders.
  6. All purchases are paid at the shop onboard.
  7. Minimum purchase is 250 €. Please observe that this minimum purchase apply only to pre-orders placed online. The minimum purchase, with car deck delivery, made during the trip at Eckerö Market is 400 €.
  8. The age limit for pre-ordering alcoholic beverages is 18 years (for products containing under 22 % alcohol), and 20 years (for products containing 22 % or more alcohol).
  9. Pre-orders can only be made from a special selection of pre-order products. The pre-order can be completed onboard from the assortment at Eckerö Market & Parfymeria.
  10. Please observe that you can leave your car parked onboard only if you have reserved a parking place onboard for a six hour mini cruise.
  11. You get Bonus with your S-Etukortti Card on pre-ordered goods, as you do on all shopping at Eckerö Market. From 1.3.2018 onwards this does not apply on alcoholic beverages (AL 51.2 §). Remember to bring your S-Etukortti with you on your trip. We do not grant Bonus afterwards.

Email [email protected] for more information about the pre-order service and the assortment at Eckerö Market. You can order other products from the vast assortment at Eckerö Market onboard. Goods ordered onboard will be delivered to the car deck together with your pre-order.