Nordic Tastes at the Baltic Sea - Welcome onboard!

Eckerö Line serves its customers the best flavours from the Baltic Sea. Enjoy the season’s best Finnish ingredients and delicacies, which taste deliciously home-made.

From Sea to City menu

Buffet Eckerö serves you a cornucopia of seasonal offerings and is bringing in flavours from the city and the sea.

Enjoy Finnish crayfish

Book the buffet package "From sea to city" with Finnish crayfish.

Delicious recipes of Buffet Eckerö

Now you can view the recipes of our Buffet Eckerö on m/s Finlandia. Find out your favorite and try it at home.

  1. Cured lamb and horseradish snow

    Cured lamb and horseradish snow

    Just like for beef, curing in salt and sugar works wonderfully for lamb.

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  2. Lemmon hummus and rice crackers

    Lemmon hummus and rice crackers

    A bright lemon hummus works well as both a spread and as a condiment for maybe a salad.

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  3. Pozharsky cutlets

    Pozharsky cutlets

    Pozharsky cutlets are a step away from classic meatballs.

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