Nordic Tastes at the Baltic Sea - Welcome onboard!

Food is important to us at m/s Finlandia. In addition to good taste, we emphasize responsibility and domesticity in our choices. When the best ingredients of the harvest season are prepared with love and skills in the ship's own kitchen, the trip across the Gulf of Finland is a treat. 

Our Food Philosophy 

Domestic ingredients

We favour locally produced ingredients and for example are most of the meat and dairy products we use of Finnish origin. We work closely with many Finnish food companies.


The responsibility of food products is important to us. We work closely with Finnish food companies and we use fish produce from sustainable fish stock and responsible suppliers. We favour MSC and ASC certified products. We are reducing the amount of food loss as well as the use of disposable materials and we are increasing the share of organic products in our supply. All of this is part of the overall picture of responsible food products.

Food prepared onboard

We are devoted to preparing the food ourselves and at Buffet Eckerö the degree of self-cooked food is about 80%. We believe that the tastiest food is prepared on-site in the ship’s own kitchen, by skilled staff and using high-quality ingredients.

Seasonal food

The menu at Buffet Eckerö is updated six times a year, according to changes in seasons. Each menu emphasises in season vegetables, berries and fish and meat produce. In autumn Buffet Eckerö serves for example mushrooms, berries and game.

Delicious recipes of Buffet Eckerö

Now you can view the recipes of our Buffet Eckerö on m/s Finlandia. Find out your favorite and try it at home.

  1. Mocha chocolate semifreddo

    Mocha chocolate semifreddo

    This semifreddo gets its flavour from coffee and chocolate.

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  2. Shepherd’s pie

    Shepherd’s pie

    This rich dish holds a surprise of slow-braised lamb stew inside.

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  3. Herb-flavoured loin of lamb

    Herb-flavoured loin of lamb

    Loin of lamb is brined for 24 hours, then flavoured with herbs, giving them time to permeate the meat. 

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