S-Etukortti Card

The co-op member benefits

Eckerö Line's m/s Finlandia is the only cruiser on the Baltic Sea that gives Bonus to all S-Etukortti card holders on tours and purchases onboard. In addition to the ship's stores Eckerö Market  &  Parfymeria and PopUp Shop you can increase the Bonus on your card with purchases in the bars and restaurants onboard (alcohol products excluded (AL 51.2 §)). Purcases made at ship's information point excluded.

Also m/s Finbo Cargo gives Bonus to S-Etukortti card holders on tours and purchases onboard (alcohol products excluded).

A Day in Tallinn & Buffet Cruise

from 39 €/person

A day cruise with plenty of time to explore Tallinn and dinner at Buffet Eckerö on the return journey. Special price for co-op members only. Price is valid for the year 2020.

Connect your S-Etukortti Card first to get the special price.

6 h Mini Cruise & Buffet

from 32 €/person

Perfect way to spend six hours at the Baltic Sea and enjoy an abundant lunch or dinner. Special price for the co-op members only. Price is valid for the year 2020.

Connect your S-Etukortti Card first to get the special price.

Get Bonus automatically from the journey reservations

Now it is possible to connect your co-op membership to Eckerö Line's customer account. After connecting the accounts your journeys will be priced according to co-op member benifits when available. It will be easier to board the ship: no more queuing at the check-in desks as the S-Etukortti card doesn't have to be shown anymore but the Bonus will register automatically to your account after the departure.

Registering as a customer and connecting the co-op membership is easy and fast. You'll only need your Finnish bank credentials in order to identify yourself.

Bonus Rules

  • S-group's co-op members get Bonus from reservations made from Eckerö Line's own sales channels and from purchases from ship (does not include alcohol products (AL 51.2 §)).
  • Bonus is granted for a maximum of 1 000 € purchases/travel reservation. Bonus is not granted for the travel booking sum exceeding that. Bonus is granted only private customers and only one card/reservation.
  • Bonus is not granted for purchases at ship's info desk and it can not be granted afterwards.
  • Bonus and co-op benifits will be given to customers who have connected their co-op membership of S-group to Eckerö Line's customer account. This is done at Eckerö Line's online registration form. After the registration customers do not have to show their S-Etukortti before the departure at the check-in, they will automatically get their Bonus after boarding at the departure gates.
  • In order to get Bonus the customer must be logged in at the web shop when making the reservations.
  • Bonus will be granted after the first travel date.
  • Co-op benifits are automatically available in the web shop after the co-op membership registration.
  • The Customers who have registered their co-op membership can also get Bonus when making a reservation from the customer service by notifying their Eckerö Line's customer ID. Otherwise the bonus will be registered in the ticket office or at the check in by showing the S-Etukortti.
  • Bonus is granted to private persons on purchases for a private household. Bonus is not given for payments made with corporate cards or for agreement-priced purchases.

More information: S-kanava.fi