It is easy to find a good restaurant in Tallinn and it is equally easy to enjoy the cafés and small bars in Old Town. There is a vast choice from medieval food restaurants to pubs, where you can learn about the special beers from their own microbrewery. Beauty salons, health services, pharmacies and health food shops in Tallinn offer city life some indulgence and expert services.  

We recommend in Tallinn

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TV Tower
KGB Museum and Valuutabaar, the Foreign Currency Bar
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Fashionable Kalamaja
The Old Town
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Pirita Beach
Tallinn marketplaces
A delightful Christmas market

Shopping in Tallinn

Tallinn has various and versatile shopping possibilities. For example during a Day in Tallinn cruise you can visit Ülemiste – the largest shopping centre in Tallinn, the shops in city centre or the boutiques in Telliskivi.  


Ülemiste shopping centre is the largest and most modern in Estonia. Here you will find the vastest assortment of fashion, shoes, children’s clothes and accessories as well as sports brands and interior design shops in Estonia. You can naturally dine here during shopping and there are play areas for children. It is convenient to stop and shop at Ülemiste if you are heading towards the south of Estonia by car. The shopping centre is near to the airport and about 4 kilometres from the city centre.

Address: Suur-Sõjamäe 4

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Nautica shopping centre is close to D-terminal. The modern shopping centre has numerous clothing stores and restaurants as well as recreational possibilities. The shopping centre has concentrated on brands that you cannot find in Finland, such as the clothing company Takko or beauty products by Tradehouse. The centre also has a big indoor golf course Park Minigolf and Futuruum, a virtual games centre.

Address: Ahtri 9

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Telliskivi creative centre is located in old factory surroundings and houses small trendy artisan design companies. Among the stores there are for example clothes for adults and children, interior design shops, pop up stores and a health food shop. The area also has many popular restaurants and different events in summer.

Address: Telliskivi 60a

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Solaris shopping centre in the city is the place for everyone interested in Estonian design as well as Estonian and Baltic natural cosmetics. The centre has several European style cafés and restaurants but also for example Japanese, Chinese and vegetarian ones.

Address: Estonia Puiestee 9

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Viru center

Viru centre is well-known to the Finnish visitors as it, together with Original Sokos Hotel Viru, is a legendary landmark. There are for example clothing, sports and cosmetics shops and several restaurants among the more than 100 companies at the centre. There are small happenings or exhibitions about current events in Tallinn and Estonia at the central square. There is also a bus terminal below the shopping centre.

Address: Viru väljak 4/6

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The Old Town

There are many interesting boutiques along the cobblestone streets of the Old Town. You will find among others boutiques specialised in Estonian design, shops with traditional linen and amber products, chain stores also known in Finland, international fashion boutiques, not to mention mesmerising antiques shops. A shopping adventure on the alleys of Old Town awaits.

A walk along the Beta-promenade

A walk along the Beta-promenade


A rough footpath called Beta-promenade has come about north of Kalamaja. The walkway is about two kilometres along the seaside and reaches from Kalasadama (Fishing harbour) to Noblessner harbour. The Beta-promenade corresponds partly to the Culture Kilometre, opened in 2015. The promenade was initiated by the inhabitants of Kalamaja. Parts of the surroundings are still under construction and the seaside promenade is for now open every day at 8–23. 

Fish market

The fishing harbour is a short walk away from the A-terminal and Saturdays at 10–16 they have a marvellous Kalaturg, i.e. fish market. Fresh local fish from nearby waters and fish farms are sold here. When the fish market closes, the area is still open for recreational use. 


Kalaranna leads the traveller from the surroundings of the Fishing harbour and Fish market towards the Patarei sea fortress. In between there is the Kalaranna beach, a popular picnic place among locals. It is not popular among swimmers though.  

Patarei prison

The most rugged destination along the promenade is the Patarei sea fortress that was built in 1840 by orders of Tsar Nicholas I. Over the years it has been used as barracks and during the Soviet period as a prison. Last years it has been a museum, but is for now, as of last October, closed to the public. Even from the outside the fortress is an eye-opening sight. 

Seaplane Harbour Maritime centre

The seaplane hangars, built in the beginning of the 20th century, are now the home of the Seaplane Harbour Maritime centre, where history under water, above water and up in the air is told. Besides the hangars, the Maritime museum has another exhibition place. Its main exhibition is located in the Fat Margaret cannon tower in Old Town. The Lembit submarine from the 1930s is on show in the Seaplane hangars.    

Noblessner area

The Noblessner area is rapidly being renewed and the old premises now house for example media companies. Concerts are also being held at the foundry. The guest harbour and high-class summer restaurant and terrace Café Noble invigorate the area during summer. In the early 20th century submarines for the Russian emperor’s navy were built in the Noblessner harbour.