Tartu - the oldest city in the Baltic region

The second largest city in Estonia and the oldest city in the entire Baltic region, Tartu, is famous for its university, museums and churches as well as the richness of its cultural life. It is the intellectual capital of Estonia and used to be dubbed the Athens of Emajõe. The intellectual, bohemian character of this city has not changed over the years. People say that while walking around the city, one may meet the spirit of Tartu, a mystical figure that forces one to come back to this city time after time. The distance between Tallinn and Tartu is a touch longer than 180 km, and it is easy to cover in your own car, by bus or by train.

Our recommendations in Tartu

Estonian National Museum

Viron kansallismuseo lähde: ERMViron kansallismuseo lähde: ERM

The Estonian National Museum is a great architectural attraction. The essence of being Estonian is presented in modern virtual ways in the museum's permanent exhibition called Kohtumised, Encounters.

Eesti Rahva Muuseum

Ahhaa Science Center

Ahhaa Tartto Visit Estonia/Jaal NilsonAhhaa Tartto Visit Estonia/Jaal Nilson

Science, adventure and entertainment. The Science Centre Ahhaa puts on exhibitions that are, most often, interactive, so you may see with your own eyes and touch everything with your own hands.

The Science Center Ahhaa

Energy from Water Park

Aura-keskus TarttoAura-keskus Tartto

The Aura Centre sun and water park features many pools, water slides, saunas, and even a light therapy room. In summer, you can recoup your energy on the sun terrace as well.

Aura waterpark

Jaani Church

Jaani Kirkko Visit Estonia/Meelis LokkJaani Kirkko Visit Estonia/Meelis Lokk

Due to its unique terracotta statues, the Jaani kirik, or St. John's Church, is a rare medieval destination even considering all of northern Europe. Very popular church concerts are given here.

Jaani Kirik

The Leaning House

Tartto Visit Estonia/Lembit MichelsonTartto Visit Estonia/Lembit Michelson

The Leaning House of Tartu is also called Tartu’s Tower of Pisa. The house was built beside the medieval city wall in 1793, and one half of it was constructed on a weak stone foundation. If you dare step in, you will find the Tartu art museum exhibition presenting Estonian art.

Tarto's Museum of Art

Toy Museum

Tartto Lelumuseo Visit Estonia/Liina GuiterTartto Lelumuseo Visit Estonia/Liina Guiter

The toy museum will carry adults back to their childhood memories while it offers children the possibility to work with a real puppet theatre. This exhibition features very old toys, traditional Fenno-Ugric toys and even toys that have appeared in animated movies made in Estonia.

The Toy museum

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A convenient mini break in Tartu from Helsinki

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