Lounge Ticketbook x 10, Mon-Sun


Do you often travel between Helsinki and Tallinna and enjoy relaxing and peaceful surroundings for the time onboard? We recommend you to crab our Lounge ticketbook deal.

When buying a Lounge ticketbook you can enjoy traveling in the Lounge area in our Conference Center & Lounge on the deck 6. We offer you your own comfortable seat, sweet and savory snacks, fruit, coffee and tea, soft drinks and wine and beer. Wireless web access enables you to work onboard or you can just sit back and enjoy your time on the sea.

NB! The journey ticket itself must be purchased separately. When you purchase Lounge ticketbook you will get access into Lounge from Friday to Sunday cheaper than compared to other Lounge ticket purchasing methods: your price will be 20 €/person/direction compared to normal 25 €/person/direction.

The ticket books are intended for individuals who travel on a regular basis. The 10-way Lounge ticket book is valid for traveling 12 months from the date of purchase. One ticket coupon is valid as payment for a lounge access on a one-way trip.