Assistance service for passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility

Our aim is that travelling with MS Finlandia is easy for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility. Together with the terminals we offer an assistance service for passengers with reduced mobility due to a physical or mental disability, those with visual or hearing impairments, those with temporarily reduced mobility or because of high age and anyone else requiring special assistance during embarkation and disembarkation. The service is free of charge.

  • Please inform of your need for assistance when making travel arrangements. Contact our sales department or your travel agency, at the latest 48 hours before departure. At the same time, please inform if you are using a wheelchair or other assistive devices.

  • Please inform, when making reservations, if a personal assistant or assistance dog is travelling with you.

When you arrive at the terminal

Announce your arrival at the assistance pick up point. The assistant will arrive on call; assist with check-in and to the ship. At arrival the passenger is assisted from the ship to the pick up point. In Helsinki West Terminal 2 the pick up point is located at the entrance, in front of the kiosk. The location is also marked on the map. In Tallinn A terminal the pick up point is located opposite the Eckerö Line check-in, at the information desk. 

The assisted person’s luggage

The assistance service also assists with luggage. The assisted person may have a maximum of two bags which together should not exceed 35 kilos in weight. If there is more luggage then the transportation from check-in onboard and off must be otherwise arranged, by for example a travel companion or a personal assistant. The assistance service is a service according to EU regulation.  

Order the assistance service

You can order the assistance service at our sales department.

EU Regulation No 01177/2010 on passenger rights at maritime and inland waterway passenger services.