Onboard with children

Children’s play area near the Cafeteria

Young children love to play in the ship’s play area, which is located on deck 8 next to the Cafeteria. The play area has soft blocks, games and a small children’s slide among other things. The location near the Cafeteria makes it easy to fetch a snack while playing. Through the windows you can watch the ships out at sea. There is no ball pool at m/s Finlandia.

Also children feast at Buffet Eckerö

The whole family can enjoy Scandinavian tastes at Buffet Eckerö. The menus according to season have delicacies for all ages and the dessert table is the highlight of the trip to many younger passengers. During school holidays there is a Children's table including among others spaghetti Bolognese, chicken nuggets, sausages, French fries and meatballs. We also have a generous buffet breakfast to keep you going for the day. Remember that up to 80 percent of our food is self-made – we serve food made in the ships own kitchen.

Soda bracelet

A boat trip is a feast in everyday life, a time to celebrate with a soda bracelet. With the bracelet you get unlimitedly soda at the ships restaurants. 

Magician and playworker onboard

During school autumn leave, winter leave and summer leave there is special activities for both younger and a bit older children. For younger children the Conference centre is usually one big playroom and there is also a playworker and a magician on board. Special activities and programme are planned for holidays, see these pages for details. During summer the whole family thrives also on m/s Finlandias sun deck, where it’s nice to watch the ships crossing on Gulf of Finland and sun bathe.

Favourite artists onboard

There is live music every day on m/s Finlandia. Every week Finnish pop, hip hop, rock and schlager stars enter the stage at Bar Nosturi and Pub Telakka.