Les of conduct on board the ship

Keeping everybody's welfare and safety in mind, all passengers must follow the ship's regulations for public order. According to maritime law, the ship's security guards are authorized by the captain to maintain order on board the ship.

1. Passengers that are intoxicated, under the influence of narcotics, or seriously misbehave on board or in the terminal may be expelled from the ship at the port of departure or in the next port in the journey.

2. The ship's security guards have the right to apprehend passengers that are intoxicated, under the influence of narcotics, or seriously misbehave and place them into custody for the rest of the voyage.

3. Passengers who damage or manipulate with the ship's security equipment or cause false alarms will be apprehended and handed over to the police in port.

4. Smoking in cabins and in public areas is not allowed. For violation of this regulation a fee will be
collected on board. Lighting of fire on board is strictly forbidden, as is use of candles on board.

5. Passengers who cause other damages on board the ship will be reported to the police, if the damages are not paid on the spot.

6. Thefts on board will always be reported to the police. In case of minors, their guardians will be notified.

7. The leaders of youth groups are responsible for group members observing the ship's regulations. If a member of the group violates the ship's regulations, the group leader will assist the ship's crew and follow their instructions.

8. The consumption of alcohol brought on board or bought in the Eckerö Market is prohibited on board
the ship. Passengers may only consume alcoholic beverages that are bought in the restaurants on board the ship. Violations of this regulation may result in the respective beverages being confiscated.

9. For security reasons and for all passengers' wellbeing sleeping is not allowed in the ship's restaurants
and bars or in public areas such as entrance halls and corridors. Passengers wanting to rest are directed
to cabins.

10. The possession or consumption of narcotics is prohibited. Passengers that are caught with these substances will be expelled from the ship at the next port.

11. Using one's own music equipment in the cabin area is prohibited. The security guards have the right to temporary confiscate such equipment.

12. Passengers that disturb their fellow passengers in the cabin area may lose the right to use their cabin
and they may be removed from the cabin section.

13. Photographing other passengers is not allowed without permission.

14. Passengers must present identity documents when asked.

15. Passengers may not deal with lotteries or other sales activities, organize collections, or deal with political or religious propaganda on board the ship unless previously coordinated with Eckerö Line.

16. It is forbidden to play slot machines if the person is under 18 years old.